On 22 February 2023 Amani Friends of Nature (AFON) organized a workshop to sensitize local stakeholders to the importance of conserving the Amani Flatwing damselfly at its last know site in Tanzania. Representatives of local government agencies, the Amani Nature Reserve and villages located adjacent to the habitat of the Flatwing participated. The workshop was facilitated by Victor Mkongewa of AFON and Bob Matunda of the Amani Nature Reserve.


Participants visited the stream where the Flatwing was last observed. Litter was observed in and around the stream and this highlighted one of the main challenges to preserving the remaining population of the damselfly. The stream was dry following an unseasonal shortage of rainfall, another risk factor for the survival of the Flatwing, and so it was not possible to see any live individuals. However, participants gave positive feedback on the workshop and each stakeholder group identified ways in which they could support future conservation efforts.

Below: Victor Mkongewa (right foreground), Bob Matunda (second left) and workshop participants at the stream.  Photo credit: Amani Friends of Nature

Awareness raising workshop on the Amani Flatwing damselfly